Presentation of the HiPER Plus project

The continuation of HIPER – the HIPER Plus project
Proposal for a new ‘direct-drive’ laser-fusion programme in the EU

The aim of this consortium under creation is to prompt the European laser-fusion community to rejuvenate the enthusiasm that spawned the pioneering ‘HIPER‘ project, and to work together to set the building blocks of a new related EU project.

Our initiative is timely also because of the very encouraging results obtained at the NIF facility in the US, where a recent laser fusion experiment nearly reached the ignition threshold (read the news here

Letter of HIPER Plus promotion: HiPER-Plus Community Letter 29 March 2022
The continuation of HIPER-HIPER Plus proposal for a new ‘direct-drive’ laser-fusion program in the UE

Letter of HiPER Plus sustainability: “An evaluation of sustainability and societal impact of laser direct-drive fusion technologies: a case for a new research infrastructure”, S. Atzeni et al., High Power Laser Sci. Eng. 9, e52 (2021).

The initiative has recently been approved and is fully supported by the Beam Plasmas and Inertial Fusion Board of EPS

If you are willing to join the action and be part of the collaboration agreement under development, please connect to the following link and sign the agreement

The expression of interest. can be signed by individual researchers or by group leaders, laboratories/organizations legal representatives in the case where the research group, the laboratory or the organization is the participant.